First book published!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

The book has finally been published on Kindle here. It is available for print at these places: Amazon, Indiebound, Alibris,, Book Depository, AbeBooks, Barns and Noble, and Createspace.



2 comments on “First book published!

  1. Admin says:

    A note on the poetry. Much like the actual book. It is a collection of almost everything that I could find at the time from my old written work up till pieces I had written a year before this blog started. I started a bit young so you can see the change in style.

    Freedom: I had a short relationship with a boy online who I eventually ran away from home to be with. That entire event made me hate, if not question, religion more since it dealt with adult/coming of age issues. The main problem was that the boy was not Muslim, much less not living in the same state as me.

    Afareet: It is a poem dealing with the devil and Jin in Islamic mythology. At the time it was written (after my son’s birth), I was still what people call “spiritual,” which means that I still believed in some form of higher power. Just not in any organized religions.

    Half Full Half Empty: This was written when I was really starting to question things in my late high school years. Part of it came from David Mack’s “Kabuki” Vol 5 graphic novel. There is a character in the story who claims to be Buddha inside the prison for unhinged secret agents. As the protagonist is being led down her escape route, Buddha is having a philosophical debate with her and another character named, Mc squared. That discussion bled into my doubts about religion during a lesson at a Mosque that no longer exists.

    The Meaning of Life: A conclusion I came to after reading a lot of history books and getting immersed into Western fiction.

    Exhaustion: Not too long after my son was born, I went on a weight loss crusade. I walked a lot during that time and I daydreamed during said walks. Thoughts of the past replayed in my mind and my anxious habits came to the fore. Wrote about it when I got back home after drinking water.

    Three Part Series: These were written in the same day during a time that I felt the need to get some things off my chest. But, I never expressed myself openly in an emotional way before. My go-to was to always write poems with hidden meanings. A part of me felt that family life contributed to my stubbornness in researching more about religion once doubts started to spring up. Of course, once knowledge is obtained, you can’t go back to your previous convictions with a sound mind. This also stood true for other areas of study, such as, politics and history.

    There is another one that was written during the exact moment that my mind started to change about everything. It is not one I shared since it is so..simple. The poem seems to have no meaning to a reader in a way that is worse than the rhyming catastrophe that is Rice Dice.

    • Admin says:

      I really appreciate the correspondence! Once I get confirmation from the publisher that you have received contact details, I will delete the comments on here asap. As for the poem, it is referring to the one on page 131. The poems are not listed in chronological order, but I can tell you which chapters are from an older period and onward if you want later in our correspondence. As for the poem that I mentioned which I thought was not in the book, turns out I was more honest that I thought. It’s name is Flickering Silence.

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